Native advertising is the concept of creating ads that are so cohesive with the page content, 融入设计中, and consistent with the platform behavior that the viewer feels the ad belongs there.

Promoted search results and sponsored social media posts are popular examples of native ads. Both formats provide the same kind of value to users as the organic search results and user-generated social media posts.

因为消费者对传统形式的广告越来越抵触, 包括展示广告和横幅广告, Fortune 500 brands and consumer startups alike are allocating bigger budgets and more ad spend towards content marketing and non-disruptive ad formats.

The global market for native ads is expected to reach over $402B in annual revenue by 2025.

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原生广告是如何运作的 原生广告是如何运作的


原生广告,一种支持 销售业绩从供给和需求的角度来看. On the supply side are publishers, with an audience and reach, looking to monetize their sites. On the demand side are advertisers looking to reach an audience and hit goals around awareness, 销售, or 铅一代.

当用户访问一个有广告空间的网站时, a publisher’s supply-side platform (SSP) sends a bid request to a demand-side platform (DSP) which sends back an advertiser’s bid and metadata metrics. 中标的广告商将他们的广告显示给用户.


At the very core of native ads is the concept of placing ads in a relevant and unobstructive context where they natively fit. Native advertising is most likely to look just like all other articles and pieces of content around it, 尤其是在目标是 品牌知名度, you may not see some of the common words you’re accustomed to seeing in advertisements (purchase, 订阅, 报名, 等). 参见原生广告的例子.


Whether its run manually or programmatically, native advertising runs across:



搜索引擎 谷歌 and Yahoo pioneered an entirely new form of “native” with their sponsored search results.



社会 networks like 脸谱网 and Instagram popularized native in-feed and carousel ad formats.



内容发现 platforms like Taboola power personalized content recommendations and in-feed native ads across popular publisher websites.



Fortune 500 brands and fledgling startups alike use native ads to reach audiences at highly impactful moments, when people are already consuming content and open to discovering something new. These campaigns can maximize ad spend and drive goals around high-level 品牌知名度 as well as down-funnel leads and 销售.

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出版商 have embraced native ads as an indispensable tool in monetizing content across platforms and devices. Opt-in native units encourage valuable user actions without sacrificing the overall UX, 将用户引向高价值页面,如视频, 赞助内容、微型网站等等.

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Native ads avoid the disruptive pitfalls of pop-up or pre-roll ads in favor of a more respectful bargain with users, allowing people to discover and engage with branded content they may like on their own terms.



为了最大化原生广告的回报, many publishers and advertisers team up with technology partners that can help with aspects such as 内容分发用户粘性,跨平台盈利等等.

特别是, 内容发现平台 像Taboola的人气暴涨.

They reach billions of users each month and rival the scale of major social networks. These discovery platforms are powered by 脸谱网-like predictive algorithms that match every online user with the top content items they are most likely to be interested in consuming next.

Check out the list of requirements for choosing the right content discovery platform.

  • 网络质量

    Across what kinds of websites and/or page placements is the platform currently deployed?
  • 跟踪

    平台是否提供对关键性能指标的透明访问? (e.g. 每次获取成本,每次访问页面,可见印象,转化率)
  • 规模

  • 的选择

    How well can the platform integrate with various hardware and software solutions? (e.g. 设备、操作系统、CRM软件)
  • 针对

    该平台提供了什么样的定位和再定位功能? (e.g. 行为,人口统计,B2B, B2C)
  • 服务

    Does the partner offer a flexible range of self-service and account management support?
  • 竞价模型

    Is the CPC bid set manually for auctions or can the CPC be adjusted to optimize for conversions? 是否提供其他型号,如CPA、CPV或CPM?
  • 拍卖模型

    拍卖是否透明? 什么样的拍卖是可用的?


Every ad unit performs differently depending on factors such as page placement, 观众推荐来源, 以及理想的点击后行为. 没有放之四海皆准的解决方案, but there are some formats that perform well for publishers and advertisers alike, 产生大量的印象和转化率.



The most impactful option for 品牌知名度 and thought leadership campaigns. Prominent homepage placements generate premium CPCs for publishers and enable advertisers to build trust with audiences through association with the day’s leading editorial headlines.



Maximize the value of transient visitors by engaging their curiosity before they click away or return to their social feed. 在移动设备上尤其强大, mid-article units enable brands to achieve full-screen exposure and publishers to monetize a greater portion of their traffic (through higher viewability rates).



推荐性能广告客户, below-article placements reach audiences at a highly-valuable moment when they have just finished consuming a piece of content and are open to discovering something new. These users report higher post-click engagement than any other referral source (incl. 搜索和社交).


Native ads hold a great deal of potential benefits for advertisers, publishers, and users.

广告商可以在极具影响力的时刻接触到受众, 当用户乐于发现新事物时.

出版商 are able to monetize their sites without sacrificing a quality user experience.

用户可以避免显示广告和横幅广告的破坏性, instead engaging with the branded content they might like on their own terms.